Urinalysis hybrid system - U3600 series

  • Model: U3600
  • Manufacturer: Zybio, China

U3600 is an integrated machine that combines functions of urine physical analysis, chemical analysis, and formed particle analysis. U3600 delivers reliable chemistry results and accurate morphology classification by advanced technology


Chemistry analysis: 11, 12, 14+2 parameters strip available

Sediment analysis: 46 items

Physical analysis: 5 items


Photoelectric colorimetry, full spectrum

Laminar flow technology

High-speed photography technology

Medical image recognition


Chemistry note: 240 T/H

Sediment/Hybrid mode: 120 T/H

Results units

Conventional, SI, and plus system (Chemistry)

/µL, /LPF, /HPF (Sediment)

Weight (kg)


Dimension (mm)

687 (W) x 512 (D) x 530 (H)

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