Automated Coagulation Analyzer - MDC3500

  • Model: MDC3500
  • Manufacturer: Beijing Strong Biotechnologies, Inc, China

Automatic Coagulation Analyzer - MDC3500

Designed and referred to the German technology, MDC3500 provides fully automated, stable and reliable results.


Method: Clotting Method, Immunoturbidimetric Method, Chromogenic Substrate Method; Cover all Coagulation Programs.

Principle:  Optical Turbidity

Thoughput300Tests / hour

Option Wavelength: 405nm, 575nm, 660nm, 800nm,

Light Source: LED

Sample Capacity: 80 samples (any sample positions can be set as emergency sample)

Emergency Function: 5 emergency rooms, flexible two STAT emergency functions, emergency sample priority detection, sample position can be arbitrarily set to emergency position, batch emergency specimens can be inserted at any time.

Reagent bit: 36 reagent positions, 6 reagents at room temperature, 30 reagents at ≤10°C, 24 hours continuous refrigeration

Barcode reading: Both the reagent bottle and the test tube rack are provided with barcode

Dimension: 850 x 700 x 650 mm, 75kg


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